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My classes are $25 per hour, per student. The class sizes are between 4 and 7 students. Private lessons are $40 per hour. All class prices include all art supplies.



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These classes take place at my dining room table each week. I always have a mix of new students and returning students so, although the curriculum is different every semester, I will teach my core curriculum in every class. I will teach students about color mixing, value, warm and cool colors, composition, horizon lines, and drawing techniques. I want the students to have fun, explore new techniques, and ask me any questions they may have about art. I am there to help them continue to learn and to love art.


The students start the semester mixing all their own colors from the primary colors (red, blue and yellow) for each painting. After they have mastered the color mixing, they work on mixing various shades of the same color to create more contrast in their work. They focus on shadows, value, warm and cool colors, negative spaces, and horizon lines throughout the semester. The students explore various mediums from tempera paint, to acrylics on canvas, to watercolors. They experiment with color pencils, graphite pencil, pen and ink and markers as well.


The students also work on drawing techniques with each painting. We try to identify shapes in images they are working from, and discuss where to place the images on the paper. Value and shading using the pressure of the pencil are emphasized in each drawing. Students are encouraged to identify a light source in every painting and drawing, so they can determine where the lights and darks will be placed in their composition.


I am passionate about art and nature, so many of our subjects in class are from nature. My own artwork is often of birds, animals, children and scenes from nature.


It is amazing to watch these young artists develop their skills, while keeping their own individual styles as artists. We also have fun discussions while creating art around my dining room table.


Fall 2016 Syllabus


Week 1

Sunflowers - Exploring the color within the color. We will talk about the many colors we could use to create the center of a sunflower and all our other options for yellow petals to make a unique and interesting flower.


Week 2

Draped cloth still life - Cloth is a great way to practice shading. This will be a pencil drawing of objects on cloth. We will discuss shading techniques and gradients.


Week 3

Sketchbook day - We will have objects around the room to sketch. Today we will discuss hand-eye coordination and practice contour drawing in our sketchbooks.


Week 4

Learning a layering/burnishing technique with color pencils. This is in basic terms a smudging technique. We will use apples as our subject and place light to dark pigment down and burnish as we go along.


Week 5

Proportions of the human body and face placements. I will have students bring in photos of family or friends and we will discuss these concepts.


Week 6

Watercolor gourds and pumpkins. We will practice our watercolor techniques, and color mixing while embracing all that late fall has to offer.


Week 7

Sketchbook day. We will once again work in our sketchbooks. Today we will practice another contour drawing. Sketchbook days also help the students catch up on projects since everyone works at a different pace. It is fun to start seeing our sketchbooks fill up as well!


Week 8

Caricatures. This should be a fun class, and we will learn a little bit about how to do a caricature, and also reference what we have learned about face placements. I anticipate lots of laughing for this class.


Week 9

Free draw. Students may choose any subject and any medium.


Week 10

Winter birds. Lets end with my favorite subject, birds! We will examine some of the winter bird species, and make a beautiful painting!

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