About Liz

I work from subject matter I have observed or have been moved by in nature. I have a strong appreciation for the outdoors and like to be reminded of seasons, light, and weather when I look at art. I also challenge myself with creating images that are both clearly recognizable, yet show the process of creation including marks, strokes and paper texture. I use color to slightly skew the degree of realism of my pieces. My style is very energetic, even when depicting a serene scene there is a sense of kinetic energy through brush strokes and color. This is seen most clearly in my color pencil and pastel work.


My children’s portraits are very personal. It is a delicate balance to capture a child’s likeness without losing their innocent look. Children are so interesting because their faces really capture what they are experiencing in life at each moment. I love watching my own children do every small task and trying to get it on paper or in a photograph.


After being well established in the text book publishing industry for 14 years, I decided to branch off to pursue and apply my own sensibilities to the world of teaching art. I have grown so much as an artist in the past 5 years, and I am now excited to share my enthusiasm and techniques with children and adults. My classroom is my dining room table which I transform each week into a working studio. Often my two cats join the class for a few minutes to greet my students. The students work with a variety of mediums including watercolors, acrylics, color pencils, markers and pastels. I focus mainly on drawing and painting techniques with an emphasis on using color mixing, value/contrast, and warm and cool colors in their work. Subject matter ranges from animals, birds, people, flowers, fruit to landscapes and even still lifes. I limit my class sizes to 6 students per class, and all abilities are welcome to join the class. It is amazing to watch my students develop their skills, while keeping their own individual styles as artists. We also have fun discussions while creating art around my dining room table.